Tozo W1 Wireless Charger

Tozo W1 Wireless Charger

Ultra Thin Wireless Charger

Tozo W1

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I’ve been wanting to get a wireless charger for a while now and the Tozo W1 seemed ideal. I have previously owned phone cases made by Tozo and been quite impressed. The last time I owned a wireless charger was with my windows phone so hopefully a huge improvement since then.

The Tozo W1 Wireless Charger supports 10-watt charging. My phone is Samsung and so is my wife’s so we should get the full 10-watt charging. However, Apple iPhones also support 7.5 watt charging so you could use it with Apple phones also.

What’s the W1 like?

I was looking at several wireless chargers. The W1 was my pick due to being super thin at five millimeters thick. I’ve opted for the white colour which has blue around the edge. It looked nice in the photos, but I can barely see the blue in person.

There is not much in the box, just a cable and a charger. Things I immediately liked about the W1 is it looks like a coaster and, has a USB-C socket.

This white version will look really nice on my white desk. That’s the plan and means I can charge while I’m working.

The W1 has a little blue light that lights up when charging which is a nice touch. It also has foreign detection, so if you put keys on it or anything else, it’s not going to spark up or ignite.

The Tozo W1 also has overheating detection mode. If you’re using a thick case and it detects it’s getting hot. It should cut out so you don’t burn anything.

When plugged in a nice green standby light displays. It changes to blue when a phone is put on the charger, then back to green when you take it off. The lights look great. However, if you are someone who likes to sleep in a pitch-black room, then this may annoy you a little.

The final thing to mention, it has some rubber pads on the bottom. This helps ensure it doesn’t scratch any of your surfaces or slide off a surface accidentally.

Would I recommend it?

I’ve been using the Tozo W1 Wireless Charger for several months now, very happy with it. I have since bought my wife the exact same one. If that’s not a recommendation, not sure what is.

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