Canon G7X mk III vs mk II Video Contest

Canon G7X mk III vs mk II Video Contest

Canon G7X MK3 vs Canon G7X mk2 Video Comparison

As an owner of the Canon G7X mk II for several years now, I wanted to find out when comparing Canon G7X mk III vs Canon G7X mk II whether the mark 3 was any better?

For background, I mainly use my G7X mk2 for making videos, vlogging, and as a holiday camera. On paper, the G7X mk3 sounds great, but when put side by side, can you really notice the difference?

The Video Contest

In the video above, I show a variety of scenes shot on the 2 cameras. Both cameras are mounted to a bracket pointing the same way centimeters apart so should capture largely the same image (with a very slight difference in the angle).

This is by no means a scientific test, however, for an everyday user, I believe this will be more of a real use test.

The video compares both 1080p of both cameras, plus a G7X mk3 4k test against upscaled 1080p of the G7X mk2.

Due to compression added by YouTube, the footage looks a lot better out of the camera than viewing at 1080p on YouTube. If you can, view the video on 4k setting even if you don’t have a 4k screen to maximise the video quality.



From studying the footage carefully, my thoughts are as follows. On the one hand, there is not a huge difference. At a quick glance, I would probably struggle to tell you which camera was which.

However, 4k shots definitely show an increase in quality. Although you are limited to how long you can film in 4k due to overheating.

Canon G7X mk II seemed to allow you to go sharper than on the mk III. This is not necessarily an advantage if you edit on a computer as you can always add sharpening post-production side. However, straight out of the camera, there is some advantage to boosting the sharpness.

The Canon G7X mk III wins hands down depth of field wise. On my pull-away shots, you can see the shallow depth of field kicking in more so than on the mk2. Now, this may be down to how the focusing works and is limited to certain shots. However, if you like the cinema vibe, I was impressed with the shots coming off the tiny 1-inch sensor.

Canon G7X mk III vs mk II Summary; The Canon G7X mk III extra cost can be justified. You get the flexibility of good-looking 4k, 1080p 120fps, and some nice newer focusing/depth of field. However, it also shows that the mark 2 has stood the test of time well, bearing in mind, it replaced my Canon 70D!


Your Thoughts

What did you think of the video footage? could you notice any difference? Let me know which one you thought looked the best in the comments below.

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