Sat. Jan 1st, 2022

Who is Marlon Vlogger?

Who is Marlon Vlogger? After being a keen videographer for many years and not releasing anything, I finally decided to start a YouTube Channel Summer 2017.

The “New” British Vlogger

It’s been a journey and half, a lot more difficult than expected. I think many people believe YouTube is a way to become an overnight success but the reality is it is more like a second job unpaid with the amount of time and energy put in.

That said, I am doing this because it is my passion, and its great to hear so much nice feedback from everyone joining my channel and watching the videos.

If you are new to my channel, I have decided to do what a lot advise against – make videos about more than one topic. I have lots of passions, video, music, photography, travel fitness, martial arts etc. It didn’t make sense for me to start 4+ channels and I didn’t want to stick to one single topic.

I realise this may be a bit bizarre when you scroll through the list of videos, but ultimately, I think this will keep my content fresh and allow me to continue enjoying what I love doing best. If you don’t like some of the topics, skip them and wait for the next one you like.

But one thing I do ask, whether you are new or have been supporting me from the beginning, please try and drop a comment on my new videos as it really helps support the channel – by this I mean it allows YouTube to see that my video is being watched and interacted with and YouTube will then consider allowing others to see it as well.

Of course, if you have any ideas about future videos, I always welcome you to share them. And who knows, if I see someone joining in on a lot of videos I may give them a shout out!

Now, I must get back to editing next weeks video. See you in the next video!

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2 thoughts on “Who is Marlon Vlogger?

  1. hi, a small builder is putting a new flat roof onto my garage, I asked him to put aside door in and he said I will put you a nice wooden one. i said yes when i asked him where i shoud go to pick one he avoided to answer days later a door appeared ready to be fitted. he made the wooden frame over the top and down the sides, he also put a lintel across the top. when i looked he had taken the last 2 rows of bricks away and the door was 1/2″ away from the floor level, 2 rows lower than the damp course, i questioned this because if there was heavy rain it would run straight into the garage, he said this was ok. and i said i wasn’t happy could he cut some from the door and put a layer of bricks and a lintel at floor level and he got annoyed with me and said no the door will fall to bits, do you think this is ok.

    1. Doesn’t sound good to me. In my situation, the garden was lower on one side which is why the door seems quite high, but it is still above the damp course layer. I don’t know your exact circumstance but I would suggest to get 3 different builders to look at it and give an opinion as to whether its safe to leave as it is.

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