Wed. Oct 27th, 2021
HOW TO CLEAN YOUR GUITAR - tips and tricks from an expert

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR GUITAR - tips and tricks from an expert

How to clean your guitar: Tips and tricks from an expert

Learn how to clean your guitar with tips and tricks from local expert Brian. In this weeks video, I take my newly purchased Ibanez RG470F to get set-up. I purchased the guitar at the beginning of August and it had been sitting in the case for 10 years unused. It was made in the 90’s and was suffering from some string buzz and corrosion around the pickups.

I asked Brian when I dropped off the guitar for some guitar maintenance tips and how best to clean the guitar at home to keep it in good condition. He also reveals a neat trick for dealing with dents, the guitar unfortunately had suffered one during its stint with the previous owner.

The rest of the vlog 5 sees me running some errands, getting my hair cut then going to a new beer garden in Langley called The Potting Shed.

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