DIY loft storage for under £100

DIY loft storage for under £100

DIY Loft Storage under £100

Add quick, cheap, easy space to your house or new build via DIY loft storage for under £100. In episode 2 of Marlon Vlogger after a spicy Mexican breakfast, I put inexpensive wooden boards in my new build loft to maximize space on a tight budget.

It is relatively easy to maximize your attic for more storage space. Especially useful if you do not have a shed, garage, storage building outside or have insufficient property space to have a storage building. It makes sense to use all the space you own. For this project, I used tongue and groove loft boards from B&Q, along with some other basic materials, wood, screws, a drill and tape measure…. don’t forget the torch!

Nothing worse than starting your day with a half baked breakfast, then finding out your missing a vital ingredient. That’s how my day started, but once fueled you see me up in the loft trying to add some boards for storage. I realised afterwards that the lighting wasn’t great for taking video but hopefully this will still help someone out. The basic concept is to use wooden beams rather than using stilts which a lot of DIY places sell these days which are normally plastic and do not support your weight to stand on.

By running beams the opposite direction to the current ones, you spread the load and can walk over the loft where needed to access your items. This is only meant for temporary usage and if you want to create a living space up there, I would suggest consulting an architect (something I did at my last house).

The parts bought were from B&Q:

After completing the loft storage (I only covered part of the loft as I kept to a budget of £50), we head off to an evening wedding reception at “The Gardens” in Yalding, Maidstone.

Have you added loft storage before? How did you do it differently? If you have any tips please share them for anyone else about to do this.


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