Mexico Travel Destinations Missing From Your Bucket List

Mexico Travel Destinations Missing From Your Bucket List

Lots of people are considering Mexico travel destinations for their vacations these days. However, when it comes to vlogging and showing people around, there is very little content outside of the normal Cancun areas.

In this new travel series, I travel around Mexico and show you a real-world view of what these places are like. You may just end up with more places added to your bucket list.

Mexico Volcanoes in Morelos

Approximately 90 minutes away from the city in Morelos are two massive volcanoes a stone throw away from one another. I’ve seen dormant volcanoes before, but these two are quite something. Especially when you consider that Mexico City is already 2km above sea level.

We were on our way to Acapulco at the time. We took the long way around so we could see them and take some photos.

Could you imagine my excitement when one of them starts to go off while I’m filming. I didn’t have any news setup on my phone at the time. But apparently, Popocatépetl volcano had erupted with lava only 12 hours before we had come to see them so this was post-explosion smoking… still very cool.

Here is the news article I found with a video of the volcano eruption during the night using an infrared camera.


Acapulco was a big tourist resort in the 1960s after it was made famous by a lot of films of the time such as Elvis Presley’s “Fun in Acapulco”. In recent years it has been superseded by Cancun and so mainly locals or should I say Mexicans visit the place for a holiday.

Acapulco has also been in the headlines for some less good things of recent. It has been known to be dangerous to visit for tourists. As with everything, if you can get advice from locals before travelling somewhere like this then do so so you can take any necessary precautions.

We decided to stay in an AirBnB on the outskirts which meant that we benefited from having our own private pool away from any of the main areas. Plus, we had lovely weather – it was nearly 30 degrees in late December.

La Quebrada Cliff Divers

One of the main attractions in Acapulco is La Quebrada cliff divers, this is a must see in my opinion. We drove there for the evening viewing. We just missed the 7pm one but caught the 8pm viewing – yes they dive in the dark – yes you can still see them.

The divers climb the rock barefoot and the dive into the dangerous waters which have strong currents. They do this several times each day. Personally, they must have a lot of guts to do this. The guys that jump from the top are literally like frogs and must be jumping several metres out to clear the rocks below.

Pricing is very reasonable and in the evening is cooler and comfortable to watch. You can get package deals ahead of time with a meal at the restaurant there. If that’s your thing, great, but you can go to eat anywhere, and get a little bit closer to the action for a lot less without the meal.

We stopped off beforehand to a restaurant called La Jaiba Locca. This was about 15-20minutes drive from the Diving location. La Jaiba Locca is a well-known seafood restaurant in Acapulco and I can confirm the food was very nice. We were also able to park the car around the back and get it cleaned whilst we ate which was an added bonus.

Playa Majahua

On one of the days we went to visit a beach. We avoided the main strip and decided instead to go for a family resort instead. We found a smaller beach aimed more at the locals.

The beach we visited is called Playa Majahua. This is great for families, small waves make it safe for the kids to play in the sea. There is a banana boat available for the older kids.

There are plenty of people coming around offering food and snacks which is great if you didn’t bring anything. The table next to us were literally buying everything that came around. This included having songs sung by some Mariachi’s (must be done at least once while in Mexico) and they even got a massage. I didn’t realise this was available at the time otherwise I would have ordered one.

Barra Vieja

On the outskirts of Acapulco is a place called Barra Vieja, approximately 30-60 minute drive.

We come here specifically to go to a restaurant called Beto Godoy. Another well-known fish place. This one is, however, a little different to the normal. The fish is all freshly caught and you get to pick the fish you want to be cooked for your table.

When the fish was served, it looked like it had been cooked with some extra spices and tasted really great. It looked like something I would expect to see from Nandos (had a similar golden colour), overall it was thoroughly enjoyable.

The restaurant had a real laid back vibe, there were hammocks available if you really wanted to chill out. There was also a pool around to the side for the kids to play in if waiting for the food was too boring for them (trust me any waiting always is with kids).

Have you been to Mexico yet?

Where in Mexico have you travelled to? If you are thinking of a Mexico vacation any time soon I hope this article and videos have helped.

As you can see, for areas like Acapulco there are still lots of things to see and do that don’t involve staying in the central/main areas which is where if there is any trouble, its more likely to happen.

Would love to hear where you are planning on visiting next. If you have any questions about Mexico leave a comment below.


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