Best Dim Sum Places To Eat in Hong Kong

Best Dim Sum Places To Eat in Hong Kong


The Best Places to eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong, now that sounds like a challenge.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a style of Chinese cuisine that are usually served as small bite-sized portions of food. Its not that popular in the U.K. and most chinese take-aways or restaurants don’t sell it here.

In China and Hong Kong its completely different, it is served in most restaurants, non-western ones that is.

When I recently went to Hong Kong, I was given several recommendations on the best places to eat and one kept on cropping up; One Dim Sum in Mong Kok. In the video you can see my experience there. It had an authentic vibe and it was mainly locals eating.

The seating wasn’t super spacious which meant you felt part of the community whilst eating and I had a great time eating there. I even had a laugh with the old lady sitting next to me who thought my chop stick technique rather unauthordox. The prices were very reasonable also.

The Best Dim Sum Places To Eat in Hong Kong

When I visited Hong Kong, One Dim Sum was certainly my favourite place to eat. That said, there are plenty of other good places you can try and there are different pricing tiers as well.

To my mind, this style of Asian cuisine was never designed to be a posh experience and the atmosphere I received being at One Dim Sum matched my vision beforehand.

But depending on how much you want to spend, there are some other options that are considered the best in their respective price ranges. If you are looking for places to eat in hong kong then consider trying one of the following.

Fast Food Dining

This price range puts it in a bracket normally associated at the fast-food level. You will sit in a more faster-paced turnaround and maybe in a smaller environment but food quality and atmosphere are still there. This is the vision I saw and went for. Expect to pay between $60 – $100 Hong Kong Dollars per head.

  • One Dim Sum
  • Famous Dim Sum
  • Dim Dim Sum

Older Style Dining

Considered better dim sum by the HK standard and based in an older style HK environment using a push cart. Expect to pay between $100 – $150 Hong Kong Dollars per head.

  • Lin Heung Tea House
  • Lin Heung Kui

Posh Dim Sum

Really good (posh level) dim sum, pretty expensive for what it is. Expect to pay between $200 – $400 Hong Kong Dollars per head.

  • West Villa Restaurant
  • Fook Lam Moon
  • Lung King Heen

This is not a complete list of every dim sum house in Hong Kong, instead, use it as a guide. If you are looking for some of the best dim sum in Hong Kong this should help whatever your budget.

I also started a thread on Reddit should you wish to check in case there are further additions added over time.

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Your Experience

Have you been to Hong Kong or planning to go soon? Leave a comment below if you have any recommendations or any questions before you leave.


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