Best Mini Tripod for Vlogging and Travel

Best Mini Tripod for Vlogging and Travel

Best Tripod for Travel and Vlogging

In this review, I put the Manfrotto Pixi Evo to the test to see if it is the best mini tripod for vlogging and travel. This mini-tripod (or table-top tripod) is one of the best mini-tripods I’ve found and I chose it over the JOBE (common mini tripod vloggers use).

Manfrotto Pixi Evo

I keep it in my camera bag and use it with both my G7X mark II and my Canon 70D – making it a great travel tripod. I’ve used it to shoot still images and to film video but I mainly use this for vlogging.

This tripod is light and sturdy and has been built well. It is easy to attach to the bottom of my camera using the wheel which is attached to the 1/4 inch thread.

This is the only tripod I take when travelling, given its small size, this tripod will handle up to 2.5 kg of gear (5.5 lbs), which is pretty good for something this small. It also weighs under 1 kg so is very light to carry.

With tripod legs that can extend, I’ve found I can even use it with my 24-105mm F4 L zoom lens.

The PIXI EVO has rubberized feet on the bottom of each leg to provide a little friction, this reduces the chances that the tripod will move.

This tripod has a ball-head friction control knob – if you’re using a heavier DSLR camera remember to tighten fully to prevent the head moving.

If you don’t think the extending legs will be of use to you then you should also check out the smaller Manfrotto Pixi which is also very good and almost half the price.

Overall, I am happy with this tripod and use it more than my bigger one. A great mini tripod for travel and vlogging.

Your Thoughts?

What is the best mini tripod you have used? Do you take a big or small tripod when you go travelling? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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