Cheap Electronics and Cheap Camera Gear (20% off)

Cheap Electronics and Cheap Camera Gear (20% off)

Are you looking for cheap electronics and camera gear with as much as 20% off? Visiting one of the many Hong Kong electronics shops and markets should be top of your holiday destination list.

Hong Kong Electronics and Camera Gear

The are plenty of places to buy cameras in Hong Kong but there are two main shops that you will see everywhere. These are Fortress and Broadway. In general these are trusted shops albeit, you pay more for this trust.

On my holiday there I was shopping specifically for cheap camera gear and I found that the prices in these two main shops were only slightly cheaper. That said, I later found out that these are very much franchise based, so you can find the prices for the same item fluctuate as much as 5-10% between different stores. Sometimes on the same road!

Mong Kok, Kowloon

In the travel diary video I show my day trip to Kowloon where we go to Mong Kok and look around the markets of which there are lots there. Most of the electronics in the market looked pretty cheaply made so I wouldn’t suggest buying there although they are still fun to look around.

It was Nathan Road that stole the show, this is the main road that runs right through with all the neon lights. Again this place has a great buzz and worth it just to see the lights. It is recommended not to purchase from any of the more dodgy looking neon signed shops.

That said I found a shop selling all sorts of memory sticks and cards and I bought one saving myself at least £10 on the UK price. I have had no problems with the memory card, and if I had stayed for longer I would have gone back and bought one of the bigger 128GB SD cards which were almost £30-40 cheaper than Amazon UK.

Where to Buy?

I was unable to find many camera shops that sold a good range of camera accessories. Most focused on the cameras themselves. There was one shop that I found out did the competition whilst coming across as a reputable company to purchase from and this was Wing Shing Photo Supplies.

I ended up buying a camera there and saved nearly a £100 on the usual internet price in the UK. I was very fortunate that this fell just under the Imported goods threshold of the UK. If you are looking to buy more expensive items it is always worth checking this first as if you get stung on the way back home a deal is less of a deal.

Take Homes

All in all, I would say go out there, shop around, have fun, and If you want to buy smaller goods such as memory sticks etc. its perfect. some of the mid-range cameras that are normally £500 can be got at good prices as well. I would avoid buying cameras or electronics worth much more than this as you may get stung importing, but also, if anything does go wrong, you have no guarantees on returns once you have left the country. This is a risk you will need to calculate beforehand.

Your Experience

Please leave a comment below and say if you have been to Hong Kong?

What was your experience with buying Hong Kong electronics or camera equipment? Did you have any problems bringing it back home?


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