Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
Mexicans in kent part 1

Mexicans in kent part 1

Mexicans In Kent: Part 1

We have Mexicans in Kent this week on the Marlon Vlogger Channel. Andrea’s sister and husband have come over to the UK for a couple of weeks, their first time here.

In Vlog 6 we show Andrea’s family around England, well Kent. Part 1, we take them to a Shorne country park in Cobham. I’m not going to lie to you, there are definitely other place in Kent that are a lot better, but Andrea took them lots of places through the week while I was at work. That said, this is a nice pleasant place to go for an afternoon walk as you’ll see from the video.

I’m using the Canon 70D to shoot the musical montage in the middle. Whilst I could have done with a few more spectacular views to make the video better, this was the perfect opportunity to work on finding interesting angles and getting correct exposures (or not) when going under shade then back out again.

If you are using a Canon 70D I would be interested to get your feedback on how you cope with keeping correct exposure as currently using manual mode can be tricky when working fast.

If you want to see where we took them the following week you can watch part 2 here.

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