The “New” British Vlogger – Starting a Vlog in 2017

The “New” British Vlogger – Starting a Vlog in 2017

The "New" British Vlogger - Starting a Vlog in 2017


There is a “New” British vlogger in town. Starting a vlog in 2017 can be tough with so much choice of camera equipment and lots of competition. But that doesn’t stop me explaining my vlog ideas on my first vlog ever.

Starting a vlog in 2017

Episode 1, where to begin? Well rather than talking about myself like most people, I retract one step further to hypothesis why I should start a vlog, whilst actually starting the vlog. it’s probably the most wrong and right time to have done it.

While i’m having my JDFI moment, I also explain why I chose not to buy any new equipment for vlogging. That doesn’t mean to say I will never buy any new equipment, but sometimes you have to prove to yourself its worth while doing in the first place, and that you actually need an upgrade.

The “New” British Vlogger

Is being British a niche? I’m sure there are loads of us out there but the ones I see are never in Britain, they are off gallivanting the globe. Kudos to them, in fairness that is probably where I want to be, and who wouldn’t? The thought of being able to make videos full time and being paid enough to travel around the world to get your shots makes perfect sense to me.

But for now, I feel I actually have the advantage. How many vlogs to you see in sunny countries with beaches and swimming pools etc. versus, how many do you see with the rain pouring down, gloomy grey skies and miserable looking faces – yes, I definitely have the advantage.

New equipment desired

Some of the equipment I considered was:

  • A new lens for my Canon 70D (L-lens with a low F-stop of 2.8 for low light recording)
  • A new compact camera (which is better quality than a phone but highly portable)
  • Video Microphone
  • Video Stabilisation
  • Small tripod – one that could double up as a grip
  • Video Lights

There were plenty more items, but those are the first ones that come to the foreground.

Reasons against buying new equipment

Here is how I convinced myself not to buy them:

  • No new lens – Canon 70D is already a decent camera, the kit lens when at widest position is F3.5 which is only one stop up from F2.8
  • No new compact – I can use my phone instead of a compact camera as I take that everywhere and it films HD 1080P
  • No new microphone – I should test how bad the sound is on the phone first over the first few vlogs, I already have a portable recorder but didn’t want the hassle of using it for every shot.
  • No stabilisation – Can I use natural methods of stabilisation, like using my body rather than spending hundreds of pounds on one at this stage
  • No new tripod – I have a small handle which I had bought previously for under a tenner, it has no tripod functionality unfortunately, but it was enough to get going
  • No video lights – I can use natural light to get started with – maybe this wont work so well in winter but it’s currently summer

I had to be really strict on myself, but after already spending lots of money on the camera and lens in previous years, sometimes you have to draw the line and just go with what you have.

How many of you have actually restricted yourself from buying? or did you just go wild with the credit card option!

A note from the future

After watching this back; When I first filmed this I was quite happy with some of the B-roll footage I took. Upon reflection and after getting a few more videos under my belt, I can see this was far from perfect. But that is the purpose of Vlog 1 in my mind. Make mistakes, learn how to fix them, then somewhere along the line in the future turn out great. Let me know when that happens please!

Over to you

Have you started vlogging recently or been considering it?

What was the final thing that made you start, or indeed hold back?

Please share these experiences with us so others can learn from the pitfalls of starting a vlog.

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