The New Superdry Windcheater Jacket called the WindSport


Spring / Autumn Jacket

As we suddenly arrive in Autumn, I feel the chills and realise my summer jacket isn’t quite cutting it any more. I was going to buy an Autumn/Spring jacket last year but then it dropped in temperature very quickly and I threw on the winter coat instead. This year was different, I found the new Superdry Windcheater jacket.

This year I decided to buy the new WindSport jacket from Superdry. This is a continuation of their windcheater range but with the name changing slightly. This may be a mens only jacket or may be for both however at time of purchase, the store in Bluewater only had WindCheaters for women.

In the video I unbox the new Superdry WindSport jacket and compare with last seasons WindCheater. The windcheater in the video is the one I bought for my wife – both purchased at the same time.

On a side note, I also talk about Wind Jammers / Wind Muffs and then go play Badminton in the video. I talk through the wind muff / deadcat for iphone I bought and how effective they have been as wind noise is always a problem when filming out and about.

Jacket Features

The new Superdry WindSport jacket from the 2017 Autumn season clothes range is a shower resistent jacket. The guy in the store was very quick to correct me when I asked if it was water proof. You will see in the video it has various features to help make this time of year less of a hassle.

It has a high neck line which means you no longer need to remember to bring the scarf along on each outing. It also has a hood and hand extensions that partially cover your wrist and top part of hand. This means you can forget your gloves and hat and still be pretty warm.

Superdry WindSport Zips

Its main selling feature are the 3 layers of zips, designed to stop the wind from getting through. It also has a nice warm fleece lining which will keep you warm and protect further against the wind. I can’t help but feel the zips are going to be a pain. I have only had the jacket a few days and have gotten in to the habit of only using the outer layer. We will see if this changes when the winds start to pick up.

I will not say too much more as you can see a quick run down of the jacket in the video. Please do not consider this article to be a product review. It is intended to highlight the features of the jacket and why I purchased it. Other than that, just remember the new name is WindSport. Especially if they discontinue and you are no longer be able to find the Original Windcheater.

Here are links to the windcheater range:


It is still too early for me to comment on the jacket from a duraility perspective.

However, if you have owned a Windcheater or Superdry jacket, please say hello in the comments.

  • How has it been wearing it on a longer basis?
  • Has any parts broken?
  • Is it living up to your weather conditions?


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