Simple Life Hacks – The Adjacent Possible

Simple Life Hacks – The Adjacent Possible

Simple Life Hacks - The Adjacent Possible


Want simple life hacks? Haven’t heard of the Adjacent Possible? Then these two points will certainly change your outlook on life.

Hacks for happiness

Hacks for happiness is a motivational video covering life lessons on how to find new meaning from what we already know. If you are a lifestyle ninja you will appreciate the potential feel good/positive thoughts you can achieve from changing your mindset.

I do a lot of reading and listening in a variety of forms, research online, books, podcasts. Sometimes certain things capture my attention and I just had to share them with you.

The Adjacent Possible

I initially heard of the adjacent Possible on a Ted talk. However, it was over ten minutes of not quite explaining what it really is in a quick easy manner. Enter this video.

In this video I combine it with another story that I heard, I feel this complements the theory and the two go hand in hand to create easy ways you can switch up your day to day and make an impact.

This video covers topics on how to be and stay positive, how you can challenge the normal and how to be inspired to do new things.

This is probably one of my first videos where I can actually say, I am pushing the philosophies that I work towards and that helped shape this channel’s slogan:

“Inspire Dreams | Improve Reality”

If you have watched the above video and still interested in more information about the Adjacent Possible you might find the following helpful:

What has inspired you?

Have you found any great life hacks? What helps you stay happy and with a positive attitude? Why not drop us a comment below and share your tricks.

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