10 Ways To Stay Motivated When Feeling Tired

10 Ways To Stay Motivated When Feeling Tired

No More Excuses - Stay Motivated when tired

How to stay motivated. Nearly all successful people are not notably talented or well-educated. What they all have in common is having a vision, a goal. Learn how to stay motivated with these 10 ways to take yourself to the next level.

Stay motivated even when you feel tired

We’ve all been there, we’ve got a spare bit of time, we want to do something productive, but we’re just shattered. We’ve had a long day and now we really can’t be bothered to do anything in that little time slot that you’ve got available.

Well, these hacks should help you get yourself back up and motivated and ready to do something useful with your time.

Here is a video version of all the Motivational tips mentioned in this article.


Right, let’s crack straight on with hack number one.

#1 – Get Started

Literally, “get started”, and what do I mean by that? I mean, stop procrastinating, stop just sitting there, and saying “I can’t be bothered”.

You need to just crack straight on and jump straight into that first part of your whatever you need to do. Whatever task it is, get on with it.

If you don’t know what you need to do, you can take this opportunity as part of getting started. Write yourself a list of tasks or goals or what you’re trying to achieve. Then start with task number one.

and this brings me on to hack number two…

#2 – Create Achievable Tasks

Once you’ve got your list of goals on whatever you’re trying to achieve. You then need to go through and break each one of those goals up into smaller tasks that are very manageable and achievable.

You’re aiming to get something done within a 25-minute slot.

The whole idea of this is that you can immediately start working on tasks when you’ve got a spare piece of time. When you start ticking off items, that will give you a big sense of achievement.

The more you get ticked off, the more motivated you are to carry on with your list. That’s really helpful to do. If you are doing multiple 25-minute tasks, you can give yourself a 3-5 minute break in between just to help stay focused.

#3 – Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated, this can easily be forgotten. Why don’t you stop what you’re doing and go grab yourself a glass of water.

Maybe you need to perk up a little bit more? If so, grab yourself a cup of tea or a cup of coffee instead. That should really help you get on the go.

Now I’m not advising to rely solely on caffeine to get motivated. But it can certainly helps if you are feeling really tired and you need that extra little boost.

#4 – Visualise your achievements

Visualising your achievements is simply going through the list of goals. Imagine to yourself what it will feel like after you’ve achieved those goals.

It may well be a case that it unlocks another chapter, something else that you can work towards afterward. Or it might just be relishing in the success of achieving those initial goals.

If that doesn’t float your boat then the alternative is to go and pick some motivational quotes.

When you are in need of a jumpstart. Read through the motivational quotes and that can really help you get invigorated to get going.

#5 – Fuel Your Body

Hack number five is quite simply to have a snack. Now by snack, I mean a healthy snack. Sometimes your body just needs a little bit of fueling up to get you going. Snacks such as a banana or having some blueberries are great for your body. Even some nuts can help you get that energy that you need to crack on.

Of course, by snacks, I’m not talking about junk food or sweets. If you have something like chocolate or a sugary snack, you’re gonna get a very quick boost. But you’re very quickly going to find that sugar crash also. Before you know it, you’re going to be lounging on the sofa watching Netflix and not achieving anything.

So let’s stick with the healthy ones for this.

#6 – Stop Moaning

Quit your whining! now it’s very easy to sit there saying; “oh I can’t do it because I just don’t have enough energy” or “I’ve had such a long day”.

Making excuses is going to lower your morale. Negative thought processes will also lower your motivation. Even if you don’t do anything, you’re better off not moaning either.

Just stop moaning and start cracking on with things. This is probably one of my weaknesses. I’m sure my wife will say so I need to crack on a bit more.

I do spend a lot of time moaning. but hey, we’ve all got our own weaknesses.

#7 – Brisk Walk

Get yourself outside and go for a brisk walk. Go for a little jog, do some jumps, do whatever it takes. Get that blood circulating around your body. It will let the endorphins out, you’ll feel a lot more motivated than if you’ve just been sitting down all day.

You will feel immediately motivated to carry on doing something more productive. Whether its school study, career study or even house chores.

If you’ve been working a physically grueling day then maybe this hack isn’t for you. But I’m sure it will help you out otherwise.

#8 – Shower

This works best when you are at home rather than in the office. Sometimes it’s worth just quickly jumping in the shower to feel a little bit more fresh.

It might give you that little bit more motivation. If it’s been a hot day and you’re feeling very lethargic maybe a cooler shower can help, or a nice ice cold shower if that floats your boat.

That’s a really quick and simple motivational tip. Five minutes, boom, done, off you go.

#9 – Change Location

Hack number nine is about location. Now you may be in a busy area, whether it’s the house or the office. If you’re struggling to stay focused or concentrate. It may be the case you just need to lock yourself away in a room. and knuckle down. Sometimes when you’ve got your own space with no distractions it helps you stay motivated enough to crack through all of your tasks a lot quicker.

But it’s not just limited to finding your own space, simply going out for a quick bit of fresh air can also help you get more motivated. If you’ve been stuck in an office all day or stuck indoors maybe just quickly stepping outside for five minutes and getting some fresh air that can help you to feel better to crack back on.

#10 – Pump It Up

Finally, hack number ten, “pump up the volume”! Quite simply get some music playing and feel energized. Get going to that beat and you’re going to really quickly feel more motivated.

Perfect for if you’re going to the gym. But also if you need to start getting your goals in place, or cracking through some work. Find your favorite music, whoever it is, some upbeat music is preferred.

It’s not recommended to listen to slow chilled music as it might have a negative effect.

Bonus Motivational Tips

Finally, I’ve got two bonus hacks for you to stay motivated when you’re feeling tired.

Bonus #1 – Phone A Friend

The first one is “phone a friend”. This isn’t a quiz game mind. Phone a friend that you know will motivate you and get you upbeat. Get them to give you a little bit of a pep talk. If you need, just have a little conversation with them for 10 minutes and you may feel a little bit more up and ready to crack on with whatever you need.

Bonus #2 – Public Commitment

Bonus hack number two is to publicly commit to your goals.

If you’re part of a Facebook group or you’ve got friends or family that you can talk to and tell them what you’re planning to do. Get them onboard to encourage you to achieve. Whether you’re setting yourself some time restrictions on your goals, or whether it’s just to crack through and show them and tell them your progress. You will find all the sudden you’re keeping to your goals a lot better than you were when it was just yourself.

It’s a lot easier to let yourself down then it is others.

What Motivates You?

Now I have gone through all the tips and hacks that I use to keep my motivation levels high.

Please drop a comment below to share what works best for you? How do you keep motivated and combat being exhausted?


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