YouTube Anniversary – 12 Months Making YouTube Videos

YouTube Anniversary – 12 Months Making YouTube Videos

Youtube Anniversary Marlon Vlogger


It’s my first YouTube Anniversary. I have been doing so much over this last 12 months. Vlogging, reviewing camera gear, giving advice on consumer technology.

I’ve traveled to several destinations around the world such as Hong Kong, Gran Canaria, Jersey. Albeit – I would love to do more.. but this is only year one.

My Journey Creating YouTube Videos

I have made this weeks video highlight what I have achieved over the last 12 months and a reflection on my future goals.


It’s funny how my second video is now one of my most popular. After making a tutorial on how to board a loft on the cheap, it sat there with no views. After 4 months, all of a sudden everyone wanted to know.

DIY loft storage for under £100


Then my third video, about my car breaking down of all things, went on to become my most popular YouTube video. This currently has nearly 20,000 views.

Dead Mazda 2.2L Diesel: Don’t let this happen to you!

I did break the rules with my channel. Many advise to create a separate channel for vlogging, for reviews, for travel etc. I wanted an all in one. This may have affected how my channel has grown. But at least I didn’t get bored of doing the same thing every week. After reaching my first YouTube anniversary you must trust me when I say one video a week is hard work.

But it’s more than just numbers and destinations. I am here to help share my experiences and provide advice on how I got here.

After all, it wasn’t so long ago, I hadn’t started the channel and had all the burning questions about starting on YouTube.

Same goes for my website/blog – if YouTube isn’t your thing, but you had wanted to start a blog, I have lots of advice to share.

YouTube Anniversary Goals

My new goals are to put a greater emphasis on supporting my subscribers and the community of bloggers and YouTubers. I must remember to not only share my experience but explain what could have been done to avoid a situation or make it better. Easier said than done, but that is why I have set it as a goal.

Simple Life Hacks – The Adjacent Possible

I can inspire dreams, but it’s you who will ultimately need to make the changes necessary to improve reality. Join me and let’s do this together.

Supporting Each Other

I want to thank you for your continuing support on my journey and for helping me reach my first YouTube anniversary.

But more importantly, I look forward to hearing what you need help/advice with so you can start taking yourself to the next level.

Please use the comments below so we can get a plan of action going.



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