YouTube Secrets

YouTube Secrets

YouTube Secrets Book Review 2018

YouTube secrets the book by Video Influencers is out now – But what are the secrets? Are there any secrets? Let’s find out.

Video Influencers Book of Secrets

This week I wanted to talk about the new book YouTube secrets, well it actually came out about a month or two ago. Sean Cannell and Benji Travis, the authors, run a few different channels on YouTube. one in particular called video influencers. I must say their content is great and in particular, if you’re just starting out it’s quite easy to watch a lot of their videos and soak up a lot of information.

When I heard they released this book, I was thinking, hey this is going to be a great
way to get lots of information condensed down. Then I’m gonna master YouTube straightaway!

Well, the experience wasn’t quite as I expected and that’s not to say this is a bad book. if you enjoy reading it’s well worth a read.

However here’s my thing, I think this book is mainly aimed at someone that hasn’t done YouTube yet. I say that quite simply, by the time you get to chapter 3 they are talking you through the signup process for YouTube. Now if you can imagine someone that’s been running a YouTube channel like myself for over a year now. I was kind of thinking, that isn’t a secret – Crikey. You’re just gonna create an account.

I was a little bit disappointed there. Another disclaimer, as I said I have watched
quite a few of their videos in the past. Especially when I was first starting my
own channel. From that point, I’ve probably already taken in a lot of
information from them. A lot of the things that maybe they discuss in this book I’m already doing.

What is in YouTube Secrets?

Overall this seems like a really good concept. I enjoyed reading YouTube Secrets, however, a lot of content in this book is very abstract. What do I mean by that? It’s explaining what you can achieve and at a very high level it’s telling you how you could go
about it.

But it’s not instructional. It’s not saying;

1) You need to do this

2) Then do this

3) Then do this… etc…

There are no defined answers. Now maybe they could have done well with an alternative approach to this book. It could have been

Chapter 1 – explaining if you’re starting a beauty channel this is
what you need to do.

Chapter 2 – if you’ll starting the vlogging channel this is
what you need to do

Chapter 3 – if you’re a business and you’re wanting to start
channel this is what you need to do

There could have been many different ways they could have gone about this book.  I think instead, what they’ve done is talk about the overall approach to YouTube and what you can achieve. Also covering what you can’t achieve and all at a high level.


What was the end result? I didn’t personally extract too much useful
information from here that I’m not already doing. That was my main disappointment.

However what I would say is this is very well laid out. It’s 190 pages in length and took about four hours to read (depending on your reading speed of course).

It was an easy read and if you are completely new to YouTube and you don’t want to sit through hours and hours of footage online. This book is probably the best place to start and it just very clearly lays out what you can achieve, how you should try promoting your channel, how to go about starting initially. So some good information there.

If you are already running a channel or maybe you’ve done your initial four or five months and your channels flowing nicely. You are probably not going to find too much useful information in here unless you are somehow fluking it currently.

Supporting Creators and Authors

It’s always easy to criticise someone’s work, that is not what I am trying to do with this article. It is always worth instead of looking at the hard work and time gone into creating a piece of work, in this case, a book.

Don’t forget to head over to Sean Cannell and Benji Travis’ channels they’ve got some amazing content out there that’s always really helpful.

Above anything else, I personally purchased this book just to support their channel and content. I have found it helpful over the last year or so I’ve been running my own channel.

[amazon_link asins=’1544511817|1544511817′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’mv0a4-20|mv09f-21′ marketplace=’US|UK’ link_id=’b45a16bf-dd13-11e8-86bd-1d13f386b491′]

I hope you found this article and video helpful and I hope it helps you make a decision as to whether or not this book is worthwhile for yourself.

If you do want to find out more or you have any questions give us a shout in the comments below.


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