Things to know before you buy the CANON G7X Mark III

Things to know before you buy the CANON G7X Mark III

As you may know, I have loved the Canon G7X Mark II ever since I bought it 2 years ago. So the launch of the Canon G7X Mark III had me very excited.

At first glance, the G7X mk3 looks almost identical and is the same size. It uses the same battery, charger and flip-up screen. It also has the same 24-105mm f/1.8-2.8 lens.

4k in a Compact Camera

New in the G7X Mark III is the 4k 30fps mode (also has 25fps). This is the standout feature of this 1-inch sensor camera that will make a lot of people want to upgrade.

But before you do, I would strongly suggest watching the following video I made. This is a hands-on experience of making a short vlog with the G7X mk3 and highlights some of the limitations.

Microphone Input

Another major feature of the G7X mk3 is the inclusion of a mic input. Compact cameras usually never include a microphone input. Canon must be aware the camera is mainly used by the YouTube, Travelling and Vlogging communities. A great feature – thanks Canon.


It also includes the long wanted 120 fps in full HD (1080P) which was never previously available. This does come with some caveats, you can’t record audio, and you can’t use auto-focus with it either.

This makes it tricking for filming yourself. As I found out when testing it. The minute I walked a few feet away from the camera, it would not re-focus on me. You really need someone behind the camera to get it in focus on the subject to make full use of the 120fps.

Other Canon G7X Mark III Features

One minor change on the Canon G7X Mark III is the loss of the switch on the lens which allowed the adjustment dial to rotate smoothly or in clicks. It now only rotates with clicks. Not sure why this was removed as the smooth motion is more suited for videographers.

One new and interesting feature of this new model is the ability to live stream directly to YouTube from the camera itself. I am unaware of any other cameras that do this so this could be a major win for Canon if the demand is there. Up until now, you would have had to use your mobile phone or set up an expensive rig going into your PC/Laptop.

No 24fps Video mode

I am sad to say that Canon have removed the 24fps option from the menu system. It is unknown why this has happened. Other newly announced Canon Cameras have all been lacking this mode also.

This latest range of Canon Cameras use the new DIGIC 8 processor which I can only assume is what is causing the limitation.

24fps allows you to get a more film-like look. This is achieved by the motion-blur effect caused by fewer frames. This is closer to that of what we see in the real world. Whilst it’s cool to have, I’m sure many will never use it or notice it gone.


Your Thoughts

So what do you think of the new Canon G7X Mark III? will you consider buying it? or do you prefer bigger cameras such as the mirrorless Sony A6500, Fuji XT-3 or even bigger Canon 70D style DSLRs?

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black tap Posted on5:02 am - 3 October 2020

That’s wonderful. many things to learn. thanks for sharing

    Marlon King Posted on10:32 pm - 19 November 2020

    Glad I could help ?

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