Tokina FíRIN 20mm Short Film – Walking With Leaves

Tokina FíRIN 20mm Short Film – Walking With Leaves

Walking With Leaves is a short film about Autumn and the wonderful colours it gives.

This day of filming was particularly special as the sun was low in the sky providing high contrast to the native eye. This lighting effect allowed me to get some amazing shots.

Sometimes in life you can go out and enjoy a day, but it is only when you come home and look back at the photos and video that you realise how good it really was. There was something about the footage taken on this day that comes across both raw and powerful.

The final thing that cemented my decision to make this short film was when I found the piano track by Jakob Ahlbom called Dimman. It’s beautiful and combined with the autumn visuals helps to create a feeling of nostalgia.



I’m writing this while I’m still hyped up about finishing this short film but I also look forward to revisiting it once autumn is over and looking back with fond memories. I would love to hear what you think of this short film in the comments below.


Tokina FíRIN 20mm AF FE

I was very fortunate to have Tokina UK and Ireland lend me their 20mm FíRIN AF FE E-mount Sony lens to use for this film.

The Tokina 20mm lens itself is designed for full-frame Sony cameras and is a fairly small and lightweight lens. At 464 grams in weight, this lens is very portable.

Although this lens is primarily a photography lens, having the Auto Focus built-in makes it great for capturing b-roll and scenes like the ones used in this short film. Something to consider if you are a videographer, although the auto-focus is very quiet, it is not 100% silent. For quieter video situations, It will need to be used with care depending on microphone placement.

Overall I am very happy with the shots I got for my short film. I think the lens was able to capture sharp images and represent the colours well.

You will notice in some of the shots taken in this film some shakiness. To get this effect, I made sure to film everything hand-held. For the more smooth shots, I had IBIS turned on within the camera to help smooth it out. To note, this lens does not have any OSS built-in.

I filmed this on a crop-sensor camera however on a full-frame Sony camera your shots will be even wider. That F2 will help you get some lovely bokeh also.

I plan to do a review of my experience with this lens for photography so keep an eye out for that in the future.

Your thoughts

What do you think of the Tokina Firin 20mm AF FE lens? will you consider buying one or are there any other wide-angle prime lenses that you are considering instead?



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