Sony launching TWO new APS-C E-mount cameras end of August

Sony launching TWO new APS-C E-mount cameras end of August

Sony Alpha A7000

Rumors suggest two new Sony APS-C cameras will be announced in August 2019. Will the Sony Alpha A7000 finally get released?

Sony has been focusing a lot on its cameras this year. We have already seen the release of the Alpha A6400, A7R IV and RX100 VII. Though this has been great, it has felt like the APS-C mirrorless range has been strung along.

The Sony A6400 by name alone implied it wasn’t going to replace the A6500. While YouTubers were trying to convince themselves of the pros, the missing IBIS was enough reason to stop many from upgrading.

Many believe that the new Alpha A7000 will be a direct replacement of the Alpha A6500. But there is a chance it could also be the start of a new range of cameras from Sony, sitting above the current 6000 range.

Sony Alpha A7000: design

It’s currently rumored by Sony Alpha Rumours that the A7000 will be a cheaper version of the high-end A9 flagship camera. The suggestion is that the grip size will be increased to fit the new Sony NP-FZ100 battery. There is also a possibility they will move the view-finder to the centre top like the full-frame A7 range making for easier operation.

Whilst this is all speculation, current Sony A6500 users will know the viewfinder on the side doesn’t work amazingly well. The screen can auto-off more often than not due to the view-finder sensor when using accessories.

It also suffers from the touch focus being activated with your nose when using the viewfinder which may be remedied if put higher and more central.

Sony Alpha A7000: specs

These are some of the specs that we should expect from the Sony A7000 according to Digital Camera World.

  • 32MP Exmor RS APS CMOS with DRAM
  • New Ultra Fast LSI
  • Blackout-free Shooting
  • New BIONZ X
  • 925-point PDAF, 60fps AE/AF
  • 10fps/16Bit Mechanical Shutter
  • 20fps/14Bit Electronic Shutter
  • 30fps/12Bit AE-L/AF-C E.S.
  • Electronic Shutter Speeds up to 1/32000s
  • 4K/60p 10Bit Super35mm Video
  • 4K/24p 10Bit 2.4:1 WDR Movie
  • ISO 64-64000
  • 580g

I would also expect that the new tracking auto-focus from the Sony A6400 and the brighter screen should be part of the package. 5-axis in-body stabilisation should be retained from the A6500 model and keep an advantage over the Fujifilm X-T3.

I personally will be hoping the screen is super bright and able to flip sideways like the Canon 70D. The flip screen is the most versatile for use with any situation.

The current A6500 screen brightness is so poor, it’s sometimes like shooting on film on a sunny day, you have to wait until you get home before you know if the shots were good or not. Fingers crossed it gets an upgrade.

Video wise, a lot of videographers will be happy to see the 10bit output. Personally, I think 4k/60P is not breaking boundaries like in previous Sony models. I would like to see 4k/120P or 6K/30P to stand up to the likes of the new 6k blackmagic. This could be easily achieved based on the current a6500 already scaling down 6K content.

Sony Alpha A7000: release date

It is suggested the cameras will be announced the last week of August 2019 According to Sony Alpha Rumors.

The release will be shortly after around September-November in time for Christmas 2019.

Sony Alpha A7000: price

It is expected that the price will fall somewhere in between the Sony Alpha A6500 and the A7 III price range of £1200-£1600.

As of August 2019, the current price line up has the A6400 around £950, the A6500 at £1250 and the A7 III at £1750.

A cost of £1500 would make sense and be around the same price the Alpha A6500 was released back in 2016.


New Sony APS-C E-Mount Lenses?

There is also a rumor that some new lenses are coming. If that is the case then it will be widely praised and probably needed to introduce more momentum for the new cameras.

Currently, there is a big shortfall of lenses for the Sony APS-C range with only 17 official lenses on the Sony website.

A lack of decent zooms such as a 16-50mm F/2.8 would be welcomed. They have the older A-mount version but compatibility for video makes it no good.

The current selection of zooms includes the 16-70mm F4 Zeiss which has been noted for being hit and miss on a lens by lens basis. Same goes for the Sony 10-18mm F4.

The Sony 18-105mm F4 has been the main go-to for Sony A6500 users although a little soft. Sony did release a sharper 18-135mm kit lens but it was pricey for a kit lens with a non-constant aperture.

Fingers crossed there will be some newer more creative lenses from Sony for under $500/£500 coming soon.

The Second Camera

The mention of two new APS-C cameras implies we will not see the release of the long-awaited A7S III. Though nice, it wouldn’t have made commercial sense to release the Sony A7S III at the same time.

Likely the second camera will replace the current Alpha A5100. Whether this is in the form of a further iteration or an upper and lower version in the new model numbering.

If based on the Sony A5100, we should expect to see 4K being added to the spec whilst keeping the flip-up screen. Otherwise, very little has been said about the second APS-C camera to be announced. Exciting times.

Your Thoughts…

Will you be buying the Sony Alpha A7000 when it gets released? What camera are you currently using? What will be the main feature that makes you want to upgrade?

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