Canon 70D Review 2018 – Still Best Camera Under 500?

Canon 70D Review 2018 – Still Best Camera Under 500?

Canon 70d Review


Canon 70D Review for 2018, is this still the best camera under 500? Let’s find out by comparing it with newer cameras such as the M50, 77D, 80D, A6500, 6Dmk2, 5Dmk4 and A7iii.

Canon 70d Review

Time and time again, I read reviews online and consider upgrading my camera. But when I take the time to break down what I actually get as an upgrade vs the amount spent, its rather disappointing.

In this video I go through the pros and cons of the Canon 70D in 2018 and why I believe it can still hold its own as the best vlogging camera under 500.

One of its main pitfalls is it doesn’t have 4k. But most cameras still do not have this with exception of the Sony A6500 and the Sony A7iii covered in this video. I believe some of the Panasonic range also have 4K, however, I have not considered these due to the autofocus being quite behind that of Canon and Sony.

Minor upgrades to the 70D include the M50, 77D, 80D and 6Dmk2. But only the latter 2 are worth upgrading if you have a 70D and even then you will no be gaining much on paper.

Watch the full video to see whether the Canon 70d is perfect for you as your next camera or even your first camera. Alternatively, skip to the upgrades section and see whether upgrading is worth the value in cash.

Canon 70d Specs

For a full list of the Canon 70d specs please visit the following link DP review Canon 70d Specs

Your thoughts?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below – do you agree with my pros/cons and upgrades list?


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